Heaven on Earth EP

by Uma

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jvmehta Love this singing. Great voice. Favorite track: Lucidity.
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Recorded in Ashland, Oregon


released December 20, 2016

recorded by Robin Liepman (Bloom)



all rights reserved


Uma Ashland, Oregon

Born in Michigan, Awakened in the Pacific NW, trained in Kauai, Hi, and now living in Ashland, Oregon, Uma has a massage, hypnotherapy, and theta-healing certification. She loves bringing people back to themselves. Through organic, natural, meditative lifestyle, Uma is able to be an extremely pure channel for Creation. She invites you to Listen Deeply to Awaken to your Unlimited State of Being. ... more

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Track Name: Lucidity
Staying Awake in this Dream

Even as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
through the fog of illusion confusion delusion
make us forget and go to sleep
no no no no no no
wake up wake up wake up wake up your senses wake up
your DNA today and play
lucidity keeping me clear
on the one light one love
open our eyes
and sigh
a breath of relief cause only love is real anyway
callin in callin in the golden age
and saying
Babylon we love and honor you for all your teachings
gleaning the wisdom and leaving the rest behind
saying goodbye to the limiting old ways
and saying hello to the new you to the new earth
frequencies peace and plenty for all beings in equality
sippin on
unity purity vitality neutrality prosperity infinity

sippin on this breath of life
falling in love with life again
for all the lives we've lived sending forgivness for all the lies
that hurt us all and seeing all the wisdom
cause life makes us stronger
empowered by Everything
cause all these reflections are just information tune your station to one
singing the song of creation
lets sing together

birds of the same feather
angel kings and queens
toning home
unifying OM

where we all came from yes we are one singing the song of creation singing and ringing through everything
lets sing together

Busting out of this box
breaking these chains
we're changing our ways
glory hallelujah

staying awake in this dream
Track Name: Our Songs
Our songs heal the land
Our songs heal the waters
And where it once was barren
Trees and flowers grow
We sang this world into creation
Now we're singing it back into harmony
Vibrating to the frequency of peace on earth and live for all beings
Track Name: Positive Polarity
Positive Polarity Organic Ascension Timeline
Combining Aligning the human mind with one god mind
finally after years of being controlled and manipulated created by the negative elite meanies of deceit well they are you and me cause
we are everything
and in the name of the Law of One
I understand and embrace the darkness within me
I forgive thee
for the domination of the earth and humans
and now that Babylon is crumbling
cycles of Lucifer are over
to Positive Polarity Organic Ascension Timeline Gracefully

Heaven on Earth
We're shifting

So you can choose to be in a reality where there's no big disaster
its happily ever after do you believe cause what you believe changes
your frequency so no more limiting beliefs
in meditation we can see whats stopping us from perceiving peace
and heaven on earth

well luckily all you need to be is slightly more loving to ascend 51% service to others
magnificent divine mother father
this is the balance balancing continually cause service to self and others is a circle giving and receiving
equally rewriting this story transmuting transforming creating

heaven on earth

Its a free will universe and if you try to force karma will bite ya its the law
so get your energy from the one infinite source
allow your inner peace to create reality
accepting all these aspects of ourselves
and consciously choosing positivity embodied cause
angels of light serve and perceive

heaven on earth